Scapes & Shapes Scapes & Shapes Fragile with Strong Tea 18"x24", mixed media 199799855 Equilibrium 18"x24", mixed media 199868541 Crushed (lavender) 16"x20", oil, 199799853 Ancestry 24"x36", oil 199799857 Unspoken 12"x12", oil 199799868 ICU 16"x20", mixed media 199799854 Class 16"x20", mixed media 199868542 Familiar 12"x12", oil 199799869 Love Surfacing 20"x24", mixed media 199868543 Balancing 12"x24", mixed media 199868550 Frequency 18"x24", mixed media 199868545 eternal sunshine in a wanna be spotless mind 24"x30", oil painting, sold 183069097 Prism 22"x28", oil 199868544 I Dream of City Scapes 12"x24", oil 199868546 Sunset over Ocean 12"x24", mixed media 199799871 A Loved Song 22"x28", mixed media 199868548 Emerging from the Chrysalis 18"x24", oil 199799865 utopia-dystopia 24"x36", mixed media painting, sold 43473495 hyper-ballad 24"x30", oil painting, sold (song title taken from bjork) 43583979 Alien Scape 16"x20", oil 199868549 Birdman 24"x30", oil painting 54540210 Spring 24" x 30", oil painting, sold 13324941 Under the Surface of Things 16"x20", mixed media 199868547